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This is my 5th attempt to publish this. i am at the class today to clear this up it is extremely frustrating and time comsuming. Something simple that I was able to set up easily should work correctly without endless repetition. No doubt user error pushing the wrong buttons probably.

I seem to have found the solution save and continue editing then publish.

I now finally  feel I can at the start having slowed down long enough to see what I need to do and I have a better understanding of how to publish my comments on my blog. I have signed up to google to get an email address something I was reluctant to do, but for the course I’ll make the sacrifice. My next mission is to set up a account and begin to look into waht flexible learning is.

My understanding of it has always been that you  cater for many different types of learners. Part of the reason I trained as a teacher was to use different methods of teaching to cater for different learning styles, individual strengths, skills, talents, abilities,experiences and speed that you learn at. I was interested in the theory of 7 intelligences and if you look at people you can see where people’s strengths lie. For instance some have extremely good interpersonal skills and you can see where they should develop their skills and  plan their career towards.  Not catergorising people in specific little boxes but helping them to find what gets them wired, what their passion strengths are. Of course this is very difficult to achieve in our current education system but I think flexible learning maybe a good vehicle to achieve a lot more, well, flexibility.

Look forward to carrying on with research and creating  a resource.



This is now my 4th attempt to get this writing published.



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