I have been very quiet it’s been a month since I last posted anything. I would like to report on my interview with Helen who is a lecturer in Diversional Therapy at the Polytech.

I asked Terry to help me record our interview so he kindly let me use his laptop and showed me how to use the software program Audacity. I found it easy enough and as long as I saved it as a MP3 file I could edit it later. It reminded me of a cassette recorder press play to record and press stop to stop relatively straight forward. It allowed me to adjust voice settings and I was able to edit out any pauses later.

Helen liked the idea of flexible learning for distance learning to enable communication between students and to allow for flexible delivery of content. She did say a lot more interesting things but I can’t remember them if I had been able to add the recorded interview to my blog you would have all heard what she thought.

Unfortunately technology strikes again. I did practice using Audacity and I felt quite competent to use it but for one little thing. As we were having our conversation I stopped the recording so we could gather our thoughts and them started up again, what this did was record 2 separate conversations  on top of one another and neither are distinguishable. So not even editing could save the conversations.

I like learning new technology and usually expect to have some teething problems, a good way to learn is to make mistakes and have a play around to see what you can and can’t do, particularly with computer programs/applications. I feel I was so used to the cassette type of recording that can stop and start up where you left off that it never occurred to me to do this was a bad move.  A learning curve.