Changing fonts in Word


After the f2f afternoon I am galvanised into action being aware of time constraints and June is nearly here.  It does seem to be overwhelming simply because the time factor and I have got a lot of learning to do. I got some reassurance and some expert advice on  a variety of information and technology and where to from here. Thanks to all of  I need to design a plan and a resource.The resource is difficult only because there is so much to choose from I think mail merge always gives trouble or setting up a macro in Word or Excel or the toolbars in Excel or creating a database in Access in the design view the possibilities are endless.

The plan I thought that a way for students online to be able to communicate with one another particularly in the same unit. I have observed as long as the student has a reasonable skill level able to navigate around the toolbars and menus and is able to use prior knowledge of software for the most part you can work out the majority of problems. The materials are relatively straight forward but can be confusing for some students. Most of the students who would have trouble are in 30’s – 70’s demographic they have a variety of skills and confidence. They are not used to the language of computers nor the  thinking that goes into using files, folders, menus. They are kinesthetic learners who need to be shown how.

The whole idea of online learning  is that it is flexible, choose the content from the materials provided, work when you have time, at home or you can come into the suite if necessary. However some students need the initial teaching in getting around the websites and the materials. If they were able to communicate to one another especially if they are in the workplace together as some of them are this should the learning easier hopefully more enjoyable. I have observed  students who have limited literacy skills and fine online learning too much of a challenge so give up feeing that the experience has been a very unpleasant and have no desire to repeat it.

I am thinking out loud could I use Elluminate sessions, group emails, a course blog, sound familiar. The students would need a few sessions in how to access all this maybe a powerpoint presentation that they can download. Something audio prehaps. I would need a facilitator to coordinate all this. Prehaps a series of “how to ” create a database field names/types, create a spreadsheet, what are toolbars in word etc.In my experience if you give a person enough support initially they can usually carry on and as long as they are able to ask questions they can problem solve  and find a solution. They work well being able to communicate with someone who can support them or motivate all done very nicely of course. 

PS: Still not toosure how to put in photos and information in post there is too much text.