Week 2

Sarah showed and explained her blog to us. I was impressed by her enthusiasm she has used the blog to demonstrate what she has been learning and to contact with others in the same field as herself.

Seeing her blog has made motivated me to try and use this blog, adding a profile and some pictures or my demonstration of the short movies that I want to create. I like the technology that is available and the applications that blogs can be used for. I am currently trying to complete writing a course Create and maintain a weblog for people who want to learn about blogs and use the features that are available. This will be aimed at people who limited experience of blogs.

I also enjoyed learning again Camstudio downloading that onto my USB so I can use this at home. It was great learning with others too.

By next week I want to have the outline of the basic course and have attempted to made some movies with audio, just to see how well its going to work, how much time,energy and how easy was it to create.I would also like to  get my head around uploading pictures and even some RSS links into the blog as well and write something as a profile

 Bronwyn Hegarty also gave us her Reflective Framework to work through as we reflected on what our goals are and what we have learnt.