DIL  Project Workshop                                       

We introduced ourselves and gave a brief description of what our Digital Information Literacy project was. There was a variety of projects and a variety of skill levels.

We watched a YouTube video that showed a prediction of the future of the internet and the purpose of “internet news wars” the discussion centred on the CIA big brother watching us.

I am more concerned by the ease that the internet and Web 2 technology seems to be taking over our lives at an increasing rate.   

Overview of my project

In the CLC we work with students who have a variety of skill levels. We offer a basics course for students who have limited skill in some cases no computing skills at all. Currently we use a lot of paper based resources, I would like to use the available technology to create multimedia resources that are available on the computer as part of the course. This resource would supplement the learning if needed. They would also include different learning styles and any Literacy needs because the audio would explain the task as well as the language.

I have selected a workbook we call Back to Basics this covers turning a computer on and off, how to use a mouse, looking at the desktop, naming the components ie monitor, keyboard and what they are used for.

There is a lot of theory and reading rather than a hands on approach and it has been observed across all the CLC that learners with limited skills find the workbook either a positive learning experience or reinforce their belief that computing is a skill that is too difficult to learn. I would like to create resources using software like Camtasia and Audacity to make movies that will explain the use of a mouse, what the left and right click does, the start menu, how to access programmes, how to save, print, close windows, documents how to read toolbars, and how to look and read the language that is on the desktop. This development of skills will give the learner transferable skills that they can use when faced with unknown software programs. Explain the language of computers. All of this is second nature to learners who have more experience of computers. The movies will be accessed by going into the files on the computer desktop which will also be explained initially how to navigate to this by a workbook, as part of the induction and a file on the desktop

In addition to Back to Basics there is the Internet and email workbook that also needs some additional resources to aid understanding.