DILOP Week 3

This week I needed to find out how to edit Camstudio video a that I had recorded. I had played around with what I actually wanted to record so there was at least a minute of video I needed to delete.  I did manage to edit it and take out the worst bits but saving then posed more problems. I often find that sometimes given enough time I can work it to some degree, but I do appreciate being able to see it being demonstrated and discuss it. This covers all the seeing, doing, hearing learning styles.

Another one of my goals for this week was I needed to remember how to upload images into a wiki, I had tried to do this and had successfully uploaded one picture but the next one didn’t work. When I opened the wiki on the next day it had appeared as it should. Being a wiki someone could have edited it so it was uploaded correctly. I did go into editing basics on the wiki and learn how to put in sub headings and I did copy how to put in the right code for uploading pictures. All part of the learning process.

I also came up against one of the biggest frustrations I feel around using information technology forgetting passwords and usernames to login in with. I had used YouTube last year and had signed up and I needed to use this again to be able to upload a picture into YouTube so I could embed a picture into my blog. I have the same combinations of passwords but this was from last year I did have it written down but that information was somewhere else. It took a few attempts to get another password and login to You Tube but I gave up before I had achieved what I had wanted to do. I still haven’t gone back to it I simply ran out of time. I will have to soon so I can complete putting in the profile for the blogs I have created; I also need to know how to do this as part of a blog course.

 I have been trying to upload a video from YouTube following the instructions from the help menu. Well I managed to do that now I will try adding an image once again from flickr. I  managed to do that so I’m feeling a litte bit more competent around the blogs.

For next week’s goals upload pictures and videos for blogs from file. I have gained some of the skills I will need to create the new resources but I would like to practice these before I start. It was pointed out to me the other day that a video of a particular skill like how to upload a picture needs to be rehearsed before I record it. This is why I want to know how  to, so I can explain it to others.