I am running  a trial workshop along with Sarah Stewart for a blogging workshop/course. I hope to be able to add this workshop/course as part of another initiative in the CLC to add new short courses in addition to our exisitng ones.

We had a very enthusiastic group of new bloggers it was great to see a number of CLC facilitators and team leaders  along to learn this new way of communicating. I recorded what each individual’s aim for the course so we can compare how they achieved this by the end of the 3 weeks.

For the next 2 weeks we will be adding in hyperlinks and uploading pictures and files, looking into commenting on each others blogs. I am very happy to have Sarah along she has quite a passion for blogging and making sure that we all understand the need for posts to be informative, our comments to be responded to and to be aware of issues like copyright especially in as we work for the Otago Polytechnic.

Learning the technical aspects of blogging ie how to post or add in a picture or hyperlink is where I feel I like to contribute I can still remember how I found the whole idea very difficult initially and that it sounded like a foreign language. I am looking forward to  our next 2 weeks.

Aren't they cute

Aren't they cute