Starting again to use the blog. Its been a while since I have used this blog, I have others but this one is for any courses that I am participating in.  Please ignore the previous posts they belong to a past course I did in 2008,I didn’t want to create another blog. Sorry I’m a bit late joining Sarah but I am keen to get up to speed.

I work for the Otago Polytechnic as a lecturer in the School of Business for computing. There are usually large class numbers and a variety of skill levels, sometimes the more skilled students become disengaged with the learning because of this. So I have decided to use a more blended delivery allowing the more competent students to work online and to attend class for tutorials and assessments only. I haven’t worked out the finer details yet but I’m sure that as I think  through the process there may be some difficulties. Having completed online courses myself as a student it can be fraught with issues but Hopefully not.

I am hoping that the Facilitating online course will give me some of the tools I can use to make this transition easier for me and students.

I have used online tools before blogs etc and I have found that you need a relatively good skills to navigate around all the technical, (how to do things part of the online digital world). I like to be able to do something immediately and have full control over the process but sometimes the digital world can interfere with that. I find that repetition of these functions is the key, the more often I do it the easier it is to remember.

Looking forward to engaging in a learning environment that exists online.