The reading from Ed Hootstein was informative, the idea if different roles that you have  to be aware of. All  of this while not new to me is good to see the concepts put clearly so it can be referred to.

A direct quote from the Four Pairs of Shoes Ed Hootstein these different roles.

As e-learning facilitators put on and take off the four different pairs of shoes that define their roles–instructor, social director, program manager, and technical assistant–they should keep these action items firmly in mind:

  • address the needs of adult learners by guiding self-directed, realistic, problem-based learning experiences
  • structure learning opportunities in which learners make their own meanings by discovering content on their own
  • encourage high degrees of participation and interactivity
  • offer prompt, informative feedback
  • provide strong leadership
  • help learners feel comfortable with technology.

Gilly Salmon e-moderation strategies

This powerpoint great resource for practical ways of using the facilitated session great!!