I have read a lot around the subject of flexible learning, e-learning,blended delivery and distance learning. I have found some really good books that helped to clarify and give me some good ideas on the how to. The teaching methods, strategies around flexible learning particularly if there is a technological component used.

The idea of using Camstudio, YouTube, Blogs, Wikis, Video conferencing, Elluminate, CD Rom and  programs like blackboard to support the learner and support the learning appeals to my belief that we all have different styles of learning.

I found these books in the Bill Robertson library

Teaching and Learning Online.Pedagogies for New Technologies. Edited By John Stephenson

A very inforamtive book that deals with different authors contributing their research on the pedagogy of learning and teaching online. The authors are in different fields some are university lectures in IT others in advisors for companies, some are teachers involved in online learning.

If  I saw any similarities in each different paper I would say the biggest thing to come through was that supporting the learners was very important giving them a social structure to engage with. This could be working with fellow learners online. The other area worth noting was the delivery of the content this needed to be well orgainised and resources and the content easily accessed.

There was a lot of practical ideas to take and take to adapt to your own programmes.

Supporting Students in Online,Open and Distance Learning. Ormond Simpson

Student support is the main topic of this book this included going through the steps to setting up video, telephone conferencing, and how best to use technology to inreact with students. This focus was on the tutor. There was also the how to of group sessions face to face sessions. He included support for students who have difficulties.

He also gave ideas about developing learning skills,giving and getting feedback how to handle the work load and stress. 

Through the book he uses examples from both tutors and students.

The Connecticon learning for the connected generation Frank Rennie, Robin Mason

About the technology behind the Web not too technical but about what you can access and what can work. It also goes into some of the uses that a student can have for techology pg 95-96 “an opportunity of mobile connectivity”.

Good read sounds all very good and intersting certainly gives a sese of what can be achieved if you can have access to all this technology.