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Implementation Plan

I have created my plan on google pages. My intention was to use Course Genie but I found google pages relatively easy to use. I will be using Course Genie to create the PowerPoint resource.

I have noticed that I have published the pages out of order but I’m sure you will get the idea.


Developing ideas for a course

This is part of my Constructing courses to Enhance Learning you can see more about this course.Theory:           

  • The learner needs to have basic computing skills. They are required to use more than one application for this unit so knowledge of word processing and use of the Internet are necessary.  These skills are learnt by a structured approach set tasks then practice exercises. They retrieve knowledge needed then build on this knowledge to learn the next skill. As the student moves through using different applications they learn new skills and by experimenting with toolbars and menus applying techniques that worked before they gather the skills and at the same time confidence.                                   


  • Students already at the Otago Polytechnic, University, and Teachers College who need presentation skills.
  • Otago Polytechnic students who need Level 2 credits as a component for their existing courses.
  • People who are already in the work force and need presentation skills.
  • The course being online is an option for those students who have a limited timeframe.
  • The course is in addition to an already existing course made available Online through Blackboard for students.
  • The course for some of the Polytechnic students is part of a level 2 course component creating an online course will be an option for them.
  • Students will enroll through the CLCs who will give them access to the course on Blackboard. The format will be in Microsoft Office 2003. There may need to be an online option using 2007 which is different from 2003 or further training available for the toolbars and menus.

Learner Content:       Learning Outcomes:

  • Level 2 – 3 Credits Unit Standard 5946: Generic Computing: Use computer technology to present a topic. The Unit standard consists of 4 Elements and is a 30 hour course.
  • Element 1: Design a presentation about a topic.
  • Element 2: Gather information for a presentation of a topic using computer applications
  • Element 3: Create a presentation of a topic using computer applications
  • Element 4: Present a topic using computer applications.
  • I will structure the learning starting with Element 2, how to gather information, the following elements can all be included by the planning, creating and presenting of the topic.

Teaching Strategies 

  • Initially the student would come into the suite for a F2F session where they would enroll and be given access to the course. They would also have an orientation around the site and explanation of the toolbars and menus. Questions would be asked at this point. A contact address would be given for questions. Ideally a small group of students could go through at the same time to try to create peer tutoring or a learner support group. Because we would be using Blackboard there could be a discussion board set up for questions.
  • There would be another session F2F to go over the Performance Criteria checklists this is Formative assessment
  • Finally they  would come into the suite for the Assessment
  • I would track their progress by contacting them within a month of their starting to monitor their progress

Learning Activities:

  • The course will be an online workbook with interactive exercises. These exercises would be created using Camstudio and they would be uploaded to Blackboard. I would need some training to do this or I would need a technician. I could create a PowerPoint presentation but this wouldn’t allow for interactive exercises.
  • The material will cover the skills required initially for the researching of the topic. A practice topic with where the information is located within files located in the course material. The student would need to find key points, consistent with the topic, purpose and the targeted audience. This information then needs to organised for the presentation.
  • This section would cover the design process how many slides, formatting fonts, colour, layout
  • The next section would cover the features of PowerPoint specifically the Task pane and the options available there. Slide Layout, transitions animations, custom animations, inserting clipart pictures, movies, and audio.
  • They would create a slide show using a topic given to them using the skills they have learnt in the above sections.
  • Ideally they would use some of the knowledge to experiment with the toolbars and menus, colours slide layout slide animations, custom animations.


  • I would have Formative assessment using Performance Criteria checks.
  • The assessment will be in the suite. This will ensure a fair, and valid assessment.
  • Before the assessment they would have there topic chosen with some information, graphics, images that they have collected before they come into the suite to sit the assessment.
  • During the assessment they will design the presentation then create it.



CLC, students and Otago Polytechnic and the wider business community.

  • I have spoken to the supervisor at CLC Forth St we already have approval for the National Certificate in Computing Level 2 online. I am changing the mode of delivery to an existing course and this course is part of our Programme Document. Level 2 it has been approved to go online.

The finished course will be moderated through the CLC and through our contact at the Business School Anne MacLeod if necessary.

The course Unit 5946 Use computer technology to present a topic is not currently available online through INTUTO.

  Technical Support:     

  • Training for use of Camstudio, YouTube, Course Genie
  • How to put the course on Blackboard


  • The existing resources and courses are too complicated for a Level 2 course the skills can be explained more simply.
  • The creating of this course will take some time. Ideally I would like to have it up and running by the beginning of next year to be available for the students starting 2008.
  • Using Free Open Source software Open Office  Open Office as some students may not have Microsoft software or they may prefer to use this.
  • Skills needed to gather information for the topic. May need to add the option of  Level 2 2987 as part of Foundation Learning.
  • The idea is to make this more flexible for those who have difficulty in fitting this in their day but there still amy be a lot of tracking and time going into follow up.

Next will be the implementation plan.

Theories and Design

I originally started with 3 ideas that I felt that there was a need for. I have decided on creating a online course that demonstrates the basic features, toolbars, skills needed to create a presentation using the software PowerPoint. This targets existing students within the Polytech who need these Level 2 credits for their courses. This course would also be available for students within the University, Teachers College and people in the workplace who may need these skills in their employment.

I looked at several different theories including Activity theory, Flexible learning, Learning styles,  Situated learning among others as well as Behaviourism, Cognitivism and Constructivism . The main ideas from those listed first all seem to have a basis in one of the 3 main theories. I also observed that they do overlap depending on what you need to learn.

Some theories

Learning computing skills has to be  cognitve initially to gain knowledge of the skills, toolbars, menus,  the particular sequential process that has to occur for certain tasks. This has to be committed to memory and then retrieved when this information is needed. Reinforcement is needed by practising exercises using real life experience or examples.   I have observed that adults do need to approve this initial learning in different ways so there needs to be a variety of delivery methods.

As the learner masters the basic skills and is able to retrieve information they can move on to more complex problems. This is when they begin to build on the prior knowledge they have gained as they worked through the simplier tasks. For example inserting a graphic/image into a document or a presentation it is the same process from one application to another.

Teaching and Learning Models and Approaches