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Mail merge


Its all about the mail merge


I am also finished the Graducate certificate I have 1 more compulsory Assessing and Evaluating. I really enjoy this aspect of study. This course gives me the opportunity to look at ways of assessing our courses differently. I already have ideas of how I would like to change things. Can’t wait. Currently I am gathering resources, websites and information so I can begin to find the best practice. I have been looking at online surveys for some formative assessment like Surveymonkey and Kwik Surveys I feel that online questions may work for us as most of our courses are computer based.

Teaching Resource

I have created a teaching resource that a lot of our students wil find useful. Setting leader tabs in a document is a necessary skill to have. I also intend to send this  to other venues to be used as a teching resource for Microsoft Word. We have several unit standards that use tabs and leader tabs in setting up documents.

I also asked some of my colleagues for some feedback.

Were the steps in the video clear?

Would they use this as an additional demonstration for students? 

Any suggestions to enhance the demonstration.


I should use the same text throughout the video ie use the coffee example consistently.

I learnt something new crtl Q can clear formats.

I found it clear and understandable I would use it for my students if they needed the extra help.

The last bit the part about changing to a new leaders wasn’t too clear. 

Add some further information using screen hunter taking screen shots for those who need to study something a bit longer.

Overall there was a positive response. Personally I felt that it certainly would enhance learning as I simply used the same technique I use when asked by a student. I took some screen shots to add to the presentation but I would need to redo the whole video to add these in. I would probably redo this video and slow down a bit I think there is room for improvement. I am satisfied with the learning content if not the  presentation which could be better. 

Setting Leader Tabs