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The Forth Street suite ready for action in the mornings.

I have decided that if you are going to write a post about an activity or something that needs to be recorded writing within 24 hours has to be the way to do it. Otherwise life takes over and there is no time left to reflect or be able even to remember.

Once again I find myself in the position of learning new technology as I need to. I have already learnt it but now I need to remind myself how. Being a kinesthestic learner I need to do something at least 3 times within quick succession to be able to remember, I don’t think that it has anything to do with my age. I feel sometimes I can’t  keep up as I say life takes over and there is more to do than sit on a computer.


 Look at the concentration


I am also finished the Graducate certificate I have 1 more compulsory Assessing and Evaluating. I really enjoy this aspect of study. This course gives me the opportunity to look at ways of assessing our courses differently. I already have ideas of how I would like to change things. Can’t wait. Currently I am gathering resources, websites and information so I can begin to find the best practice. I have been looking at online surveys for some formative assessment like Surveymonkey and Kwik Surveys I feel that online questions may work for us as most of our courses are computer based.

I am running  a trial workshop along with Sarah Stewart for a blogging workshop/course. I hope to be able to add this workshop/course as part of another initiative in the CLC to add new short courses in addition to our exisitng ones.

We had a very enthusiastic group of new bloggers it was great to see a number of CLC facilitators and team leaders  along to learn this new way of communicating. I recorded what each individual’s aim for the course so we can compare how they achieved this by the end of the 3 weeks.

For the next 2 weeks we will be adding in hyperlinks and uploading pictures and files, looking into commenting on each others blogs. I am very happy to have Sarah along she has quite a passion for blogging and making sure that we all understand the need for posts to be informative, our comments to be responded to and to be aware of issues like copyright especially in as we work for the Otago Polytechnic.

Learning the technical aspects of blogging ie how to post or add in a picture or hyperlink is where I feel I like to contribute I can still remember how I found the whole idea very difficult initially and that it sounded like a foreign language. I am looking forward to  our next 2 weeks.

Aren't they cute

Aren't they cute

Final DIL week

The following is a  brief description of my time with the DIL project my initial purpose for joining the DIL. I have called this the main-issue because I have also taken a couple of side steps onto to other digital literacy issues while I was trying to find solutions. It is loosely in the form of an Action Research cycle the main purpose and how I arrived at a conclusion or not or found I needed to look at it from another angle.

I have also added the-side-steps which is some other cycles that I got sidetracked into.

I discovered that I need to use the embedded code from publishing a video on Youtube or  first then I can upload to the blog. Pictures,videos,music etc are added by clicking on Working with WordPressyou are choose to browse for a file which you then open it. This is added to your post.

Can I upload a video from my files.

DIL goals

I was going reaaly well at home because at last I had a new laptop and broadband this did make  working from home so easy but the new laptop is broken and has been taken away to be fixed who knows for how long, very frustrating. This slows down my progress.

For this week I am still trying to work out how to edit a video using moviemaker. I did some editing or so I thought but it disappeared so maybe I forgot to save the changes.

Uploading pictures and videos from file onto a blog is something else I need to learn how to do as well.

Lastly I also need to set up a goolegroup for a discussion. I am really not sure how to go about this one. 

DILOP Week 3

DILOP Week 3

This week I needed to find out how to edit Camstudio video a that I had recorded. I had played around with what I actually wanted to record so there was at least a minute of video I needed to delete.  I did manage to edit it and take out the worst bits but saving then posed more problems. I often find that sometimes given enough time I can work it to some degree, but I do appreciate being able to see it being demonstrated and discuss it. This covers all the seeing, doing, hearing learning styles.

Another one of my goals for this week was I needed to remember how to upload images into a wiki, I had tried to do this and had successfully uploaded one picture but the next one didn’t work. When I opened the wiki on the next day it had appeared as it should. Being a wiki someone could have edited it so it was uploaded correctly. I did go into editing basics on the wiki and learn how to put in sub headings and I did copy how to put in the right code for uploading pictures. All part of the learning process.

I also came up against one of the biggest frustrations I feel around using information technology forgetting passwords and usernames to login in with. I had used YouTube last year and had signed up and I needed to use this again to be able to upload a picture into YouTube so I could embed a picture into my blog. I have the same combinations of passwords but this was from last year I did have it written down but that information was somewhere else. It took a few attempts to get another password and login to You Tube but I gave up before I had achieved what I had wanted to do. I still haven’t gone back to it I simply ran out of time. I will have to soon so I can complete putting in the profile for the blogs I have created; I also need to know how to do this as part of a blog course.

 I have been trying to upload a video from YouTube following the instructions from the help menu. Well I managed to do that now I will try adding an image once again from flickr. I  managed to do that so I’m feeling a litte bit more competent around the blogs.

For next week’s goals upload pictures and videos for blogs from file. I have gained some of the skills I will need to create the new resources but I would like to practice these before I start. It was pointed out to me the other day that a video of a particular skill like how to upload a picture needs to be rehearsed before I record it. This is why I want to know how  to, so I can explain it to others.

DIL Workshop

Week 2

Sarah showed and explained her blog to us. I was impressed by her enthusiasm she has used the blog to demonstrate what she has been learning and to contact with others in the same field as herself.

Seeing her blog has made motivated me to try and use this blog, adding a profile and some pictures or my demonstration of the short movies that I want to create. I like the technology that is available and the applications that blogs can be used for. I am currently trying to complete writing a course Create and maintain a weblog for people who want to learn about blogs and use the features that are available. This will be aimed at people who limited experience of blogs.

I also enjoyed learning again Camstudio downloading that onto my USB so I can use this at home. It was great learning with others too.

By next week I want to have the outline of the basic course and have attempted to made some movies with audio, just to see how well its going to work, how much time,energy and how easy was it to create.I would also like to  get my head around uploading pictures and even some RSS links into the blog as well and write something as a profile

 Bronwyn Hegarty also gave us her Reflective Framework to work through as we reflected on what our goals are and what we have learnt.


DIL  Project Workshop                                       

We introduced ourselves and gave a brief description of what our Digital Information Literacy project was. There was a variety of projects and a variety of skill levels.

We watched a YouTube video that showed a prediction of the future of the internet and the purpose of “internet news wars” the discussion centred on the CIA big brother watching us.

I am more concerned by the ease that the internet and Web 2 technology seems to be taking over our lives at an increasing rate.   

Overview of my project

In the CLC we work with students who have a variety of skill levels. We offer a basics course for students who have limited skill in some cases no computing skills at all. Currently we use a lot of paper based resources, I would like to use the available technology to create multimedia resources that are available on the computer as part of the course. This resource would supplement the learning if needed. They would also include different learning styles and any Literacy needs because the audio would explain the task as well as the language.

I have selected a workbook we call Back to Basics this covers turning a computer on and off, how to use a mouse, looking at the desktop, naming the components ie monitor, keyboard and what they are used for.

There is a lot of theory and reading rather than a hands on approach and it has been observed across all the CLC that learners with limited skills find the workbook either a positive learning experience or reinforce their belief that computing is a skill that is too difficult to learn. I would like to create resources using software like Camtasia and Audacity to make movies that will explain the use of a mouse, what the left and right click does, the start menu, how to access programmes, how to save, print, close windows, documents how to read toolbars, and how to look and read the language that is on the desktop. This development of skills will give the learner transferable skills that they can use when faced with unknown software programs. Explain the language of computers. All of this is second nature to learners who have more experience of computers. The movies will be accessed by going into the files on the computer desktop which will also be explained initially how to navigate to this by a workbook, as part of the induction and a file on the desktop

In addition to Back to Basics there is the Internet and email workbook that also needs some additional resources to aid understanding.


I have been asked to show new students to DFLP how to use blogs if they need extra assistance.